Citrus Syrup (and Pistachio) Palmiers

Remember the leftover syrup from my last post? Well, I was a bit lazy in getting round to using it but now that I have, we have Citrus Syrup Palmiers.

mnnn flaky and sweet

I’d gotten it into my head that this should be how the syrup should be used, even though I knew that the logistics of putting a liquid onto the puff pastry and then rolling it would be a nightmare. Sadly, stubbornness took over and luckily the end result wasn’t too bad.

I used ready rolled store bought puff pastry, which I don’t really consider a cheat as I would have had to roll it out myself into the same shape anyway.

I used about two handfuls of pistachios, which I shelled and then rolled in my hands to remove the outer salty skin. I then put these into a sandwich bag and proceeded to bash with a rolling pin to produce a pistachio crumble. The key word here is crumble, not fine dust, so I had to reign back the zeal and enthusiasm that I’m prone to when I start hitting things.

This was then spread over the puff pastry and toped with the citrus syrup and extra clementine zest.

I then very carefully rolled up the pastry and sliced it into segments around 1cm thick.

The blue plastic overhangs helped with the rolling process

Placing them on the baking sheet proved a challenge due to the massive amounts of syrup overflow leading to a very sticky kitchen. And I’m afraid I didn’t take very many pictures for this post due to my battle with this syrup.

Thankfully, the end result was a lovely flaky biscuit with a crystallised syrup crunch, though only a slight aftertaste of pistachios. Pistachios are apparently not the nut of choice for palmiers, but never mind; live , eat and learn and all that.  I wouldn’t really call this attempt a massive success, but at least now I’ve tried out Palmiers and can now hopefully come up with some much better ideas.

I love the way you can see flecks of zest in each palmier


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