Brie and Cranberry Parcels

I love cheese. I really, really love cheese. Seriously, when I’m rich enough I’m going to have at least half a shelf in my fridgedevoted to different cheeses. Sadly that day is still a bit too far away.

I also love filo and cranberry sauce and so these Brie and Cranberry Parcels are one of my most favourite appetisers.

Very tasty party food

I had a variation on these when I went to a steakhouse and finally got round to making my own for my friend when she came round for her Birthday dinner. Now I know that traditionally Cranberry is a Christmassy item but why be restrained by that?

Making these parcels is really easy if a little time-consuming. Fist get your sheets of filo and make sure they’re fully defrosted. Line up the sheets into a neat pile so you can cut them all easily. You’ll want to make two long cuts to get three long strips out of each sheet of filo and then cut down the middle of these strips to make 6 cut out sections.

Almost everything you need

You then need to cut a small piece of Brie, a teaspoon of Cranberry sauce and arrange this on one end of the pastry strip. My pictures below should guide you through the steps of folding and sealing the pastry envelope of goodness but if you need a  proper guide on the techniques involved go here.

1. Fold the end of the filo so it partially overlaps the filling

2. Fold in the sides of the filo sheet all the way to the top

3. Fold the top corner into the middle to make a triangle point and finish rolling

4. Butter the triangle point and the top of the parcel using a pastry brush

And there you have it… Brie and Cranberry Party Parcels 😀


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