The BOOMsplosion

Hello everybody! I still live! Though I haven’t posted anything up for a while for two very good reasons:

1. My uni schedule is getting a bit more hectic and unpredictable; machines and people not doing as they’re told.

2. My oven door blew up.

What’s that you say? More details on the boomsplosion? Very well…

It was my birthday a week ago and on the weekend I was going to host a party with all sorts of homemade goodies that I was then going to blog about. So there I was, baking hat on and one batch of brownie batter all prepared, oven preheated and all. So I reach down to open the oven door and…. BOOM!

There’s a shattering of glass as the oven’s outside pane of glass breaks and I just stand there, like a moron, catatonic for about 10 seconds before I apparently let out a loud ‘BAAAAAAAH’ noise.

Interestingly, one of my housemates hears this wail and assumes that there as there are no further noises – all is right with the world. It’s good to know that had I been impaled by a large shard of glass that day, no-one would have been around to see my look of exasperation at dying such a ridonkulous death.

But it’s ok, she made up for not checking to see if I was alive by helping to clean the debris while I just kind of milled around in a startled rage.

I was too in shock at the possible cost of replacing the oven to get a good picture of this inconveniently timed disaster. But here’s a really bad blurry one to give you a general idea.

No time like the night before a party for the oven to explode

Anyway, after cleaning up and boarding up the shattered remains of this oven, I had a pretty awesome party the next day. My wonderful friends all chipped in and made lots of cakes, pies, flapjacks, jelly and soup. People were fed and drunk into a state of contentment.

And here’s a clever pie that my friends James and Emily made.

Apple. Pie. Geddit? 🙂

Ok, so James got a little too excited about the whippy cream and wasn’t as artistic as he could have been, but very clever nonetheless 😀


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