Home for Easter

So I’m back at my parents’ house for Easter and as usual, being back in a non-student house is always a bit of a readjustment.

The cupboards aren’t stocked with Sainsbury’s basics, the toilet paper is plush, the heating can be turned on, there are lots of different condiments and sauces littered about the kitchen and… everything is CLEAN! CLEAN!

Ok, so it may be a bit messy due to the boiler exploding a few weeks ago but the state of the kitchen is heavenly compared to the student ones that I’ve gotten used to.

And with all this comes the added indulgence of proper, mummy-made home cooking. Yesterday my mum and I made a huge amount of onion and potato bhajis for her to take into work and oh my gods have I missed deep fried food. Well, I’ve missed it but I’m only eating small amounts at a time because I’m now seriously past my teens, have a shitty metabolism and am seriously afraid of developing a myriad of cardiovascular conditions.

…..Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to reproduce these by myself one day, though  never to the same exorbitant quantities.

onion bhagi on the left, potato bhagi on the right


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